When Piles of "Stuff" Disappear In Your House!

thoughts Sep 29, 2017

I used to tell myself that some day the house would have less piles of "stuff"! The piles of "stuff" would disappear. The house would remain clean for more than one day, maybe more than an hour, if I was lucky. I had this dream of having this immaculately clean house that I could walk through and not be embarrassed by when company would drop by. Piles of "stuff" are disappearing fast in our lives so what comes next?

Randal used to get so very upset if I moved even one of his piles of "stuff"! He saved everything from stones to old parts. Randal truly made " One man's junk is another man's treasure" true. We have a neighbor that would let him bring anything he found home with him and he did every time! I got to where I hated to see him go with his Dad to visit, because he always returned with a truck load of treasures. I think the neighbor was just trying to clean out his shop!!!

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Whenever there were missing tools from the work shop, we only needed to ask Randal! Most of the time he would remember where they were and in what pile they were in, but on occasion he would forget where they had gotten left. Randal collected many piles of "stuff" in his life. They were under his bed in the toy room, living room, kitchen, garage and every where we could see. He also knew what was in every pile and where to find every pile. He knew each one thoroughly from the action figures, to the Legos and every rock that he had kept. When I cleaned God forbid if I touched one or moved it, He knew right away. I would complain a lot about his piles. I would ask him to clean them up often, only to get no where and usually end up in a fight with him!

When Randal passed away we had to clean up every one of those piles of "stuff". The piles and I mean piles under his bed, in his room, in the toy room and every room of the house, you can not imagine what all we found in each of those piles of "stuff". We spent hours cleaning them all up, every single precious little treasure that he had kept! We did not how ever find all of the tools that had been miss placed, but on occasion, we still find a pile of tools or a single tool, rusted from time and no longer usable, but we always look up to heaven and think of him.

Now my oldest, Russel, he had different piles. His piles of "stuff" were school books, farm books, horse books and his drawings. They usually were found on the kitchen bar or the counters. Some were on his desk in his room or on the night stand. I hated those piles too, they were always in the way in the kitchen when I cooked or had guests. They were always the first thing every visitor saw when they entered our home. He would always leave his book bag on the counter along with his brother and sister's. I didn't get in trouble when I cleaned them up, but I would just move the important things  to his room and throw out the out dated magazines. Then the piles of important stuff would just lay around and accumulate in his room, until I would clean that. (With his help of course!)

He also accumulated piles of coats inside my back door. He is not alone here though, the whole family does this! There is a rack outside the door for all the chore clothes. I am told that if they hang the coats out there they will be to cold to wear when it is again chore time! (Poor Babies!)

Well Russel got married a couple of years ago and the piles I packed up and moved to his house! Now though I still have piles of farm magazines and government papers on my kitchen bar! His boys, Braiden 3 and Gavin 1 1/2, stay with me all day. They now have piles of "stuff", mostly toys, behind my couch and in my office. They play with them during the day and we trip over them by night! I also now have piles of Russel's clothing that he changes during the day as he gets sweaty, dirty or wet. He also has piles of coats and hats that he wears here and then forgets to take home.

Then there is my daughter, she makes a lot of piles of "stuff"! Her clothing in the bathroom that she wears and changes out of. The piles of school books and papers on the counter and bar. When she was little she would have piles of doll babies and barbies. Then it was ribbons and trophies from her horse shows. When she got her jobs it was pay check stubs and tip money. She has piles of laundry in her room that she never puts away. There are spurs and coats of hers just inside the door too. When ever she returns home from college for the summer, we would have boxes of her "stuff" all over the kitchen. Now that she has graduated we have a spare room full of piles of "stuff" that are waiting for the move to an apartment and then on to where ever after the wedding. Which is in less than year.

She has become a Pampered Chef consultant! There are piles of her PC "stuff" in my office, kitchen and basement. The spare bedroom, which Braiden has claimed as his, is full!

Then there is my loving Hubby! His main pile of "stuff" is on the counter under the microwave! It is scraps of papers and envelopes that he has written important phone numbers and notes on. There are a few hats and pens. I think it might be a fire hazard, being that close to the stove, but he doesn't seem to think so! I bought him a little thing with drawers in it to put things in, but the counter seems to be a better choice for his piles of "stuff".

What I am trying to say is the Piles of "Stuff" in your life are OK! When they disappear you will miss them! I miss every one of those piles that Randal made. I would never want the piles of "stuff" that my Grand-children make, to disappear and I am thankful that my Russel still makes piles of "stuff" here. My daughter is a Blessing every day to me and her piles of "stuff", even when I complain about them, would so be missed. Let's not be in such a hurry to get rid of the piles of "stuff" in our lives and just keep rejoicing over the fact that we have family to make them!

Stay enriched in the seasons of your life!

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