What About That Mom?

thoughts Apr 26, 2016

As I sat there, staring out the window at the scenery as it flew by, listening to my Hubby go on about the issue at hand, my mind began to wonder.

I began to think about that Mom that will never get to hear "Good morning" or "Good night" again. She will never feel the arms of her baby hugging her. The softness of that child's lips, as she receives a kiss. Maybe they played on a team or rode a horse, there will be no more cheering them on. The college graduation, the wedding and all the grand children she will miss. The excitement of hearing the door open and shut upon their return from some where. She will wait and listen for the laughter of her special gift and it will never again be heard. The silence as she sits in that empty room, just waiting to wake up from this dream! There will be no waking up, only the long empty days and nights!

The fog, I pray, will lift for her and the feeling will come back to her heart. I send up many prayers for her! I ask the Lord to put his arms around her and catch her as she falls to her knees. I can only imagine how much pain she is in! I only hope that she has other children, a husband and family to turn to and take care of. May she have a relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!     

That Mom gave all this up so that the other life could live. The other life does not even show the respect that this Mom deserves! Her 20 something, special gift, gave his or her life some how so another could live. I am sure she hopes this others life is lived with kindness and love in it. Her dreams at night are probably filled with hopes that some day she will know what that other life has done to honor her special gift. How can this other life not just want to savor every aspect of it's life and live it to the fullest? The kindness and compassion that was given to this other life while they were sick, was surely not in vain? I hope the prayers that were offered up for this other life would some how be remembered.

The fog, I pray, will lift for her and the feeling will come back to her heart.   

The prayer, I pray, for that other life is that the other life finds the Lord and begins to see that other life was saved because of that Mom's sacrifice. In the same way that the other life was saved by the sacrifice of God's only son, for that other life! That Mom sacrificed her child so that other life could live, now show God that the other life appreciated His sacrifice, by living this life for Him! The prayer, I pray, for that Mom is that if she ever meets that other life she can be proud of what she finds and can rest in peace that her special gift was not sacrificed in vain! When God meets that other life, I pray that He is proud of what He finds! We all need to remember Someone sacrificed His life for us and we need to live our lives like He did! 

I was brought back to my Hubbies voice as we arrived at our destination! May that Mom be at peace with the fact that a life was saved!


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