Value of Grandparents Big Help to Parents

thoughts Nov 29, 2018

The value of grandparents can be a big help to parents. They don't expect it to help them though. Being a parent can be very daunting to any of us. We will all admit that at one time or another we were over whelmed by the task of parenting.

Our parents would try to give us advice and we would not except it. They would tell us stories of how we acted and how their response did not work. They needed to do this or that and then it worked.

Discipline has not changed over the years. Our parents have learned a few things that should be heeded. They have done that and been there. The suggestions that they make might work. We may not have all the answers. The value of grandparents should be taken to heart?

Yes it should because the value of grandparents is so much more important. I never gave it much thought as I was raising my children. Our grandparents were not there to give advice to us, but our parents were. Our children's grandparents. They were there to give advice and guide us. We took some of it to heart, but most of it was over looked.

I See The Value of Grandparents Differently

Now that I am a grandparent, I see things from another point of view. There is value of grandparents. They have already made their mistakes and learned what works and why it works or not works. Many grandparents try to explain it to their children, but we get brushed off as not knowing anything. Like the way we did our parents, for instance. They spent agonizing hours in arguments and diverting fits from getting out of hand. There were hours suffered through the fits at the grocery store or restaurant.

Maybe we should listen. It would stop the vicious cycle of mistakes and parenting may be less over whelming. In many cultures the grandparents are the most revered people in the family. They help to raise all the children in the family. When there is a problem in the family they bring it to the grandparents.

Some grandparents may not have earned that respect that is another story. We need to follow the heart in those matters. As for me I wish that some of the advice from the past I would have taken. I may have been a better parent. We will never know because that chapter closed in my life. I hope that this advice may help you with the value of grandparents in your life.

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