Traditional Mashed Potatoes, Six Minutes To Wonderfulness

lets cook Nov 09, 2018

Traditional mashed potatoes are my families favorite. They love them with roasts, chicken and you name it. I some times dread making traditional mashed potatoes because it takes some time to boil them. All the dirty dishes that they make are not my favorite either. The pressure cooker that I have has solved my problem!

I sometimes make such a mess making traditional mashed potatoes. The peeling and washing. Then you boil them in a pan. When finished boiling. Straining them of their water, in a colander, makes another dirty dish. You need to put them in a mixer or mash them by hand. Dirtying even more dishes. Seems like a vicious circle sometimes.

traditional mashed potatoes

The recipe book that came with my pressure cooker has a recipe for traditional mashed potatoes, there for I decided to try it. My pressure cooker always comes through for me.

The Pressure Cooker Is Great For Traditional Mashed Potatoes

All I did was peel and wash the amount of potatoes I needed. Put them in the pressure cooker pan. They called for 1/3 cup of water. The potatoes scorched when I did them this way. 1/2 cup to 1 cup of water works better in my pressure cooker. Set the timer for 6 minutes. Put the lid on and set the petcock on seal. When the pressure cooker switches to warm, let the pressure release naturally.

Then I add butter, salt and pepper to my liking. You can mash them in the same pan as you cooked them in. Only thing to watch is if you have a nonstick pan. I use a nylon masher instead of a metal one so that I don't scratch the pan surface.

There you go! Traditional mashed potatoes in about 15 minutes and only one pan and a masher dirty! The only way you would have another pan dirty is if you would mash them with a mixer.

This year for the holidays I saved myself a lot of work and I hope it helped you too! My family actually likes them better. They said that they are fluffier and lighter.

Make sure your in the know, so you can save more time!

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