To Much Salt! Oh My Gosh! What To Do!

suggestions to know Nov 03, 2017

Have you ever put to much salt into a dish you were making? I have many times! Sometimes I just spill it as I am filling the measuring spoon. Which has taught me to fill the measuring spoon over the sink or a bowl so the spill goes anywhere but my dish! Then there are those times when I just plain season to much. The dish can be saved as I have learned over the years, it just takes a little ingenuity! So far I have been able to recover from the "to much salt" problem very nicely. Here are just a few ways that I have learned to save my dish!

to much salt (2)

Adding raw potatoes to an over salted meal doesn't help. Though the potatoes may absorb some of the salty liquid, the remaining liquid is still salty. I did find a solution to this though. Remove some of the over salted liquid and add more fresh water or broth, then add your raw potato in big chunks. Remove the potato or serve it with the dish depending on the dish.

The trick is to add an acid (depending on the recipe). Vinegar, lemon or lime juice, or a can of unsalted tomatoes can be added. Sweeteners such as sugar, honey or maple syrup can be added to counteract the saltiness. The rule of thumb for the sweetener is 1 teaspoon of sweetener and 1 teaspoon of vinegar and repeat until it tastes better.

I have also found these interesting ways to fix to much salt. In over salted soups and stews pureed white beans or chickpeas can be added without changing the taste. Serve over salted meats on unsalted starches such as rice, potatoes or quinoa. Pair vegetables with a mild cheese like ricotta or mozzarella. Then you could always accompany the to much salt meal with a sweet, fizzy wine like Prosecco or champagne. Any sparkling wine or water will work. The bubbles have a tendency to cleanse the palette with each drink and remove the saltiness of the meal. To see more about this check out this blog post. Use your best judgement to see which one works best. But to be on the safe side, it's best to season lightly, then adjust before serving. Remember, you are entitled to your opinion.

to much salt

I haven't figured any real ways to fix cookie dough that has to much salt in it though. When it happens I usually just double the recipe and don't add anymore salt or you could try the raw potato and see if that works. Put the potato in big chunks on top of the dough and leave it there until the dough tastes less salty. Baking is a little more precise than cooking so fixing a problem with salt there is kind of hard.

to much salt

I would love to hear from you if you have any other ideas for to much salt in anything, just let me know if this was helpful. Feel free to just ask me a question and I will try to answer it. While you are there sign up for my newsletter so you will always be in the know!











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