Tender Beef And Broccoli Never Again Order It Out!

supper Oct 18, 2018

Tender beef and broccoli is hard to order at a restaurant for me! It is either flavorless or so tough you can't chew the beef. The broccoli is sometimes so hard it is like eating raw broccoli! Until the other day when I was searching Pintrest for something new to try! The best tasting, tender beef and broccoli recipe popped up.

I did not have a chuck roast or flank steak, but I had canned beef. Canned beef is a staple in my pantry all the time! Canning my own is my favorite, but a can from your local supermarket works too. Fresh farm raised beef canning is simple and is so good though. I very carefully dumped the canned beef in to my cast iron skillet. We have a two year old that does not do stringy. So I kept it in chunks. When using fresh chuck roast, flank steak or stew meat. You will need to slice it into strips or cubes and follow the pressure cooker recipe from Pintrest.

tender beef and broccoli

 Tender Beef and Broccoli For The Instant Pot

This is a recipe that is great to feed those unexpected guests that your husband and children invite! I am so used to it by now that it is nothing to through together extra food at the blink of an eye. I can feed three or four extra men with two cans of beef, a loaf of bread and two or three cans of peaches. This is a discussion for another time though.

Rice, couscous, or a grain of your choosing will make a great bed for this tender beef and broccoli. We made black rice, which I do not suggest. It was not made for this recipe. Black rice is for in a soup recipe or something like that.

The two year old was even impressed with this and he ate two or three helpings and asked for it the next day for lunch. I am so Blessed because my grand children love broccoli. They even order it at restaurants instead of fries.

I hope this recipe will help you whip up an exceptional supper for your family after a busy day of work!

Leave me a comment about how yours turned out.

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