Surprise! Did You Ever Think They Could Change The Pencil Top Eraser?

thoughts Sep 12, 2017

I have just found a way to never have to throw out a good pencil again just because the pencil top eraser is gone. When I was in school I used to get so mad when my eraser was used up and I would have to use one of those big pink erasers. You know the ones that, in the middle of class, you would drop on the floor and they would bounce three feet away! Worse yet you had to put one of those little replacement pencil top erasers on that would fall off every time you would go to use it. Tests were terrible any ways when I was in school, but using up your eraser in the middle of them, made them even worse! My teachers would always tell me that there was nothing wrong with that pencil, don't throw it out! Even on a gross note, I used to smash the metal part of the eraser with my teeth, in hopes of getting the eraser to pop up enough to use it! Yah, I told you it was gross and not good for your teeth either! On my desk today is a cup full of good pencils, but they have no erasers. This will no longer be a problem though!
pencil top eraser

I have a very good friend that has come up with a new twist for the pencil top eraser! He was so tired of having to throw away good pencils because the eraser was used up! He knew there was a better way,but how to do it! He spent years trying different ideas until he finally came up with Erasezz .

Erasezz is so cool! You just snap it on the pencil over the eraser that is used up and tah-dah you have a new pencil top eraser! They don't fall off and they are refillable! When the eraser is used up you just snap in a new one and move on! You never have to worry about throwing out a good pencil again!

Thank you so much for figuring this out! You will make every parent, teacher, child, writer and well everybody happy! We can now use up our pencils not our erasers! Go check out Erasezz !

I just wanted to share this information with you because I thought it was pretty cool! I know I really appreciate learning about new things! i hope you will be thanking my friend too! Click here to be the first to know about what's up with me!

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