Quick Ham and Bean Soup Recipe Amazingly Delectable!

supper Jan 11, 2019

A quick ham and bean soup recipe is what I needed! I wanted to use up the ham bone from Christmas morning. Some bean soup sounded so good to us. The beans had not gotten soaked last night though!

Quick ham and bean soup recipe was not going to happen today I thought. The beans would need to soak tonight and then I would have to put them in the crock pot for 10 hours tomorrow.

Do the beans have to soak? I remembered reading in my instant pot cook book that you didn't need to soak the beans when cooking them in there. So to the cupboard to pull out the cookbook. BINGO! No SOAKING!! I could cook the beans in 15 minutes!

This left the 10 hours in the crock pot to figure out. It was already 10:30 in the morning so that was not going to happen!

I went to the internet and googled how to convert crock pot recipes to instant pot recipes. They said that an 8-10 hour crock pot recipe would take about an hour in the instant pot.

Instant Pot For Quick Ham and Bean Soup Recipe!

This was do able! I could fix the quick ham and bean soup recipe tonight and have it on the table a little after six! Therefore, supper would not be too late.

At a round 4 o'clock I cooked the beans in the instant pot for about 15 minutes. I decided to cook them the way the instant pot cook book suggested a head of time. Because the book suggested that salt, pepper and other spices added to the water may keep the beans from cooking. To cook 4 cups of beans the recipe called for 16 cups of water. But The Bean recipe called for 1 pound of beans. Which was about 2 1/2 cups of beans. I added 8 cups of water and set the timer for 15 minutes. I left the pressure out naturally.

After the beans were cooked completely. Some water needed to be removed from the cooker. Six cups of water was called for in the recipe, therefore I removed 2 cups of the liquid from the instant pot. Then to the beans and water I added the garlic, bay leaf and pepper along with the celery, onion, carrot, ham and potatoes. The timer was set for an hour and left to cook. The corn bread was placed in the oven and we waited for them to cook!

They were done about 15 minutes after 6 and we had a delicious supper even though I didn't soak the beans!

Do you have a recipe that you converted to your instant pot? Please share it in the comments!

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Stay enriched in the seasons of your life!

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