Nutrigenomics: How Our Food We Cook and Eat Affect Us!

suggestions to know Oct 05, 2017

Nutrigenomics - is a field that combines the study of nutrition and gene expression. Scientists working in this field investigate how nutrients and other bioactive components in food affect important metabolic and physiological processes by "turning on" or "turning off" certain genes.

Genome means the genetic material that you are born with: your DNA. This cannot be changed -

Eqigenome means the network of chemical compounds that interacts with the genome by direction which genetic material to activate or which to leave inactive - the mechanism that "turns on" or "turns off" your DNA. The epigenome is affected by personal health, diet, nutrition, exercise and other lifestyle choices.

Dr. Ahmed El-Sohemy, one of the top researchers in the nutrigenomics field, investigates how the foods we eat interact with our genes to affect our health. Here are a few examples

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* compounds found in broccoli can switch on a gene that helps the body detoxify some of the chemicals we're exposed to every day. This gene is missing in about 20% of the general population who won't get the detoxification benefits.

* In some people, creatine supplementation provides large increases in performance and increases lean mass. In others with different DNA, there is no response at all.

* Studies with caffeinated coffee show that for some individuals, drinking coffee lowers their risk of heart attacks. But in other individuals, the same dose of coffee actually increases the risk of heart attacks.

You can see how different foods and substances affect each of us differently.

The new science of nutrigenomics teaches us what specific foods tell your genes. What you eat directly determines the genetic messages your body receives. These messages, in turn, control all the molecules that constitute your metabolism: the molecules that tell your body to burn calories or store them.

On a personal level, nutrigenomics can help you understand yourself better. Pay close attention to what type of diet, exercise, or supplements work best for you. This, in turn, will give the best results when working towards better health.

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