Lost In Life? The Complete 360 Degree Is Happening?

thoughts Oct 25, 2018

Have you ever felt lost in life? I have been for the last few months of this year. My entire life I aspired to be a Mom and wife. Everyone else wanted to go off to college and get a degree for one thing or another, but not me.

The love of my life entered the picture six months after I graduated high school. We married two years after that. Our first child was born three years later and fourteen months after that we had number two. Last but not least our third child was born seven years later.

God Blessed me to be able to stay at home and raise my three little Blessings. Being a Mom was my dream and to be the best wife, I could be, to my hubby was the icing on the cake. I was never lost in life. I knew exactly what my calling was.

Then The Lost In Life Feeling Began!

Then my children grew up and my life began to change. I was no longer needed in the same way by my children. My oldest got married and has two children of his own. This made us Grandparents, which was a fun new job.

My daughter went off to college and met the love of her life. She moved after graduation and started a new job and a new life of her own. Then she got married and started her whole new life with her husband.

I don't like feeling lost in life. My devotion to my children was the center of my life. My hubby is very needy, but that is the same as it has always been. He has never grown up.

The Winds Of Change Began to Blow!

There is a little voice in side me that is telling me to do some new things. This is a little scary, because it is making me step out of my box that I have been in for 32 years. I am a little apprehensive about this.

lost in life

I am friends with a wonderful woman that wrote a devotional book this year. Several years ago, when my in-laws went into a nursing home, I met Liz. It has amazed me about how focused Liz is on God in her life. She never seems lost in life. So I bought her devotional.

By purchasing this devotional my new calling is beginning to emerge. I met with Liz this last weekend to see how she stays so focused and is never lost in life. Well, guess what! Liz knew the lost in life feeling too! This led to her finishing her book and learning her new calling.

Get some direction in your life, like I did, with Liz's devotional!

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