I Love Spring!

thoughts May 10, 2016

I love how God makes everything fresh in the Spring! All the flowers start to poke threw the dirt, the trees begin to get greener and greener everyday!!! The beautiful spring tulips and violas! the daffodils are such a brilliant yellow, some with their brilliant pink and orange centers!! Then the lawns need mowed! That wonderful smell of fresh cut grass! Its fresh clean smell of the promise of a fresh start. The sky is so brilliant blue on those warm Spring days! Every Spring things begin a new life, it is all fresh and clean again!

I feel like I have a fresh start too! I crawl out of the dirt of those long Winter days and spread my arms and soak up the sunshine and get refreshed. The days get longer and longer! I feel like I want to do some new projects and clean out the dirt from my house and let in the fresh air and sunshine!!! This is the promise that I can start a new season in my life too! I can forget about last year and start a new one. I can dust off the winter blues and move on with the new! The brilliant colors of my flowers, that I will plant, make me smile!

I love the fresh smell of the dirt as they Spring till the land! Planting my garden with all the wonderful Summer and Fall vegetables and fruits feels good! It makes me think of all the wonderful things I can cook for my family during the season! The taste of fresh rhubarb, asparagus and all the other fresh Spring tastes make my mouth water! Spring thunder showers smell so fresh and clean, as if they could wash away all of the stagnant smells of the Winter!

I watch as my grandson plays in the Spring mud puddles and the green grass. He is able to take in all the Spring smells too and explore every new thing! He is free to chase the cats that he has watched so longingly from inside all Winter. He can explore all the wonderful sites that he has seen through the windows this Winter! I so enjoy the scents and sights of SPRING!! 

Stay enriched in the seasons of your life!

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