How To "Continue On" Living Life Without Praise

thoughts Mar 14, 2018

I am here today to talk about a poem called Continue On by Roy Lessin. My sister sent it to me several years ago, when I was going through some tough times, for valentine’s day. I had it laminated, put some magnets on the back of it, and it hangs on my refrigerated door. To remind me to continue on!

Reading it often, helps me get through. As a wife and a mother, we sometimes feel a little unappreciated, like what we’re doing is not worth it. Because no one seems to notice. No one seems to say thank you, no one seems to appreciate what we do. But as in the poem God has called us to do what we do! I’ve learned this over the years and this poem reminds me to continue on daily. God is all that we need to tell us that we’ve done a good job or that we have succeeded in what He has put us here on earth to do.

He has called us to be that wife, to this man. This man, would not be who he is without us because we are called by God. God loves that husband and those children even more than we do. So for Him to even trust you to raise those children and to take care of that husband. (Sometimes I have raised my husband too! Depending on the day!) We are on this Earth to help our husbands become who and what they are. Imagine we are here to help our children become what they are and who they are. So continue on in life with a smile!

Remember that with out us our children and husband would not be who they are or were they are in this life. The public eye is not what we need and we don’t need everybody to be patting us on the back and telling us we’ve done a great job. We need to focus on God and give him thanks for allowing us to raise His children and to be in the situation that we are in.


So Continue On Your Efforts Are Being Noticed


I guess what I’m saying is, don’t let people poop on your parade! Because you don’t feel like they are not appreciating what you’re doing. God has called us to do what we do, He is watching and sees everything we do. He will give us praise and our prize. It’s not our children and it’s not our husband that should be praising us. Giving Him the glory and the honor and the praise is what we should be doing. We can't expect our husband to notice, that we change the toilet paper and toothpaste when they are empty. It is not important. The kids don’t know who does this, they think it’s a little fairy that comes to the house and does all these things. That fairy even sweeps up the dog hair and brushes the dog and takes care of the dog and the cat.

It’s not about what they all think about us, it’s about what God thinks and again He called us to do what we do. So what we do do is worth it, it’s His praise and His honor that we are looking for, not that of our husbands and our children. Some day’s it’d be worth it to get a little thank you, or a little hug or we love you, but that’s not the way it’s supposed to be. We need to concentrate on doing this well and for God! Taking care of the family that God has trusted us with, because He loves them even more than we do, is why we do everything.

Yes, Continue On! God is Watching!


Read this poem HERE. I “Continue On” because of it, I thank my sister, Rene, for giving it to me years and years ago.

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There are days when I hang on to this poem for dear life, because it reminds me who I am doing this for. Everybody have a wonderful day and I thank you for your time and everybody take care.

Stay enriched in the seasons of your life!

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