Happiness Fun Cake Recipe for Your Day

sweets to eat Jan 31, 2018

Do you need more Happiness in your day? I sometimes need a little lift in my day, because a smile always seems to help!  This was tucked in my recipe cupboard and wanted to share the Happiness with all of you!  You know how hard it is some times to spread happiness in this world, but sometimes you just need to smile at someone and it makes their day! Come on, because of this cake it will be easier to smile.

Happiness Cake

First the ingredients:

1 Cup Good Thoughts

1 Cup Kind Deeds

1 Cup Consideration For Others

2 Cups Sacrifice

2 Cups Well Beaten Faults

3 Cups Forgiveness

Mix Well

Add Tears of Joy, Sorrow and Sympathy.

Flavor with Love and Kindly Service.

Fold in 4 Cups of Prayer and Faith.

After pouring all this into your daily life, Bake well with the Heat of Human Kindness.

Serve with a Smile anytime, and it will satisfy the Hunger of Starved Souls!

I hope this makes your day wonderful, because it is nice to make someone elses day great too! Try smiling at everybody that you see and see if it doesn't make everyone of them smile back! This is so fun to do!

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Eat your breakfast with these Muffins to give you a smile to share right away in the morning!

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