Fresh Rosemary Recipes Amazingly United With Bread

supper Oct 11, 2018

Fresh rosemary recipes are something that have always interested me. I have used it in the dried form for a long time. This year I planted it in my garden with a few other herbs. The plant has done very well. I have been in search of new recipes and ways to incorporate my new found love for fresh herbs in my cooking.

Rosemary has always been an herb that interested me. It is used for wound healing, in bath therapy, and as an insect repellent. In foods, rosemary is a spice. The leaf and oil are common in foods, and the oil are common in beverages. Rosemary is in the Mint family along with several other herbs. It is in the evergreen family, it will stay fresh for a long time after harvesting. This I find interesting, I am usually allergic to any evergreen plant. I was able to find a lot of products made with rosemary in them.

fresh rosemary recipes

My Herbs

I started looking for fresh rosemary recipes for breads. This recipe for a quick rosemary and olive oil bread caught my eye. I tried it and liked it. It was so good with the stew that I had made for supper that night.

When we ate it fresh from the oven that night we all agreed that the rosemary was to strong. The next afternoon I ate a piece for a snack and the taste was awesome. This bread must sit in the fridge for 24 hours to let the flavors ripen. Like the lemon verbena bread that I make. This recipe is definitely one that I am going to put in my recipe book. I really enjoy trying new recipes! I think I will plant more herbs next gardening season!

fresh rosemary recipes

Please leave me your suggestions in the comments! Let me know how yours turns out!

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