Farm Life: Not A Boring Job, Easily A Way Of Life!

thoughts Sep 13, 2018

Sometimes Farm Life can be very busy! We find ourselves having trouble finding time to even talk to each other. There are days when we don't even see each other at breakfast. Balancing our time can become a very hard thing. The ways that we deal with this busy farm life is what defines us as a couple and a family!

It is not easy to figure out that there is a void. It can be invisible to everybody! I have never been good at balancing, because the farm life is so demanding at times. I need to be so much to so many, from Mom to truck driver to meal provider, it can be very demanding. Here is some country cooking for farm life I figured out through the years.

When does it become a problem?

There could be a problem when you notice that you and your family are all going in different directions. There is no conversations taking place between any one. You have forgotten your daughters conference with her teacher. Your son missed his drivers education class, because you were driving grain truck. As the farmer you are treating everyone like they work for you.

Now these things happen and we can't beat ourselves up about it! But getting in touch with our loved ones is important and we need to remember that. The frustrations of farm life can be overwhelming for every member of the family.

Staying in touch can be as easy as saying good morning to each other. Making an effort to talk kindly to each other, no matter how frustrated we are. A hug, in passing, can say a thousand words and only takes a second.

How can farm life be fun, even during the stressful times?

This one can be very difficult and I have failed at it often! Look for the fun. You ask" What are you talking about?" Well play hide and seek around the grain truck while you are waiting for the combine to dump. See fun can be anywhere. It can be that simple!

When my children were younger we would pack lunch and take it to the field. Daddy would usually be in a hurry and want to eat and get back to work! I would take a blanket a long and spread it out on the ground and lay out the lunch spread. This usually would slow him down for a few minutes. It sometimes led to some tickle fights with the children and a little conversation.

[caption id="attachment_8823" align="aligncenter" width="683"]Country Cooking Juicing Tomatoes with Memaw![/caption]

Make sure you look for crock pot and insta-pot recipes. This will make your life so much easier. I know they have saved me many times! There are some good ones on my Pintrest.

When we were baling or whatever it was I would try to make it fun. When getting drinks from the hose. (Yes we drink from the hose and have lived to tell this story! So far!) I would spray the children! They usually got even before the day was over too. Picking up rocks can lead to a competition of who can pick up the most. A science conversation can come from about any job on the farm.

I have taken the kids to the field to ride in the combine with Daddy. Now a days I take the grand kids to ride with grandpa. I even went to ride the combine and a tractor or two to spend time with my husband. I would ask my mother-in-law to watch the kids for me so we could have some time together.

It is important to play hard too!

We work hard on the farm! Remember to take time to play and play hard! Our family sometimes forgets this, but we try. Remember to spend time together when you can.

[caption id="attachment_8824" align="aligncenter" width="683"]Country Cooking Time at Cedar Point with Mom, Dad and Pawpaw![/caption][caption id="attachment_8825" align="aligncenter" width="683"]Country Cooking A little fun with Mom and Dad only takes a little time![/caption][caption id="attachment_8826" align="aligncenter" width="683"]Country Cooking The Zoo with Family![/caption]

We swim often in the pool and used to have a lot of swimming parties when the children were at home. Spent time in the barn brushing horses and riding together. My daughter and I walked together in the evenings. The conversations were pretty wonderful.

Go to the zoo or to the amusement park for a day! It could be only a fifteen or thirty minute of baseball in the yard or pushing the swing. A half hour on the couch watching Looney Tunes, as my son does sometimes with his boys! That is all it takes to make a great memory that they will never forget! The days of work and you grumbling at them or driving off to go to work are not the memories you want for them.

Farming is not a JOB it is a way of LIFE!

Farm life can be very busy! Spending time with the ones you love though is so very important. Putting a little effort into making it a family affair. Taming our tempers with our loved ones can make things so much easier.

Farm life can keep a family close and can teach some valuable life skills. There is a lot of hard work and a lot of reward.

Farm life is something I would never trade for anything and has made our family what it is today. Strong loving and together.

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