Butt-Button: Did You Ever Think About It?

thoughts May 21, 2016

I am not complaining about the Butt-Button and I would not change a thing! I want to see if you think about this too? I have always noticed that when I sit down to relax, the phone will ring, I will hear Mom I need this, Honey have you seen..., come here Mom and on and on!!! Hum.... what is this all about?

I am beginning to think that maybe I have a button on my butt? This button alerts my family and friends that I am relaxing or just sitting down to do something!! They seem to know even if they don't live here! My mother even knows this!

I want to see if you think about this too?

My daughter that is an hour away even knows when I sit down to relax! It might be on a date with my husband or watching a movie, but she knows just when to call and talk! I do not mind because I love them all, but I really wonder about this button!?

Do you experience this also, this Butt-Button that we as Mothers have? The one that goes off every time we think we are alone or that we might have five minutes to put our feet up! Do you think God gives this button to our loved ones to let us know that we are needed and our work is never done? I think it is His sense of humor! We never leave Him alone, someone is always asking or praying for something! This is not so funny though because what about the Dad's? They should have one too! They should not get to sit quietly watching their show, no Butt-Button going off, just mine!!! I don't know though because mine probably would not listen to it, he would say "Hey someone needs you!" (Really my husband is a great guy, but I can't lie he would do that!!!) So God's sense of humor may be directed the right way after all!

Well I do feel honored that God gave me a Butt-Button though! I never get to feel to lonely this way and I never feel unneeded either! That Butt-Button is a reminder that our family can not ever do with out us!! It also keeps us grounded too! We also realize that if God can take care of us for our whole life, we can take care of others in our lives!! So I guess God really does know how to be funny!!

Stay enriched in the seasons of your life!

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