A Christmas Memory Setting A Remarkably Exciting Fate!

supper Dec 21, 2018

I have a Christmas memory setting to share with you about our first Christmas together as a couple. We had met the year before at a basketball game. My high school graduation had taken place that summer before. All the girls I ran around with wanted to go to that game. They were all home for their break from college. So I drove because I was the only one that had a car at the time. He was setting with a guy that I was good friends with. We met that night and spent some time talking at a party after the game.

We dated for the next year on and off. He was a little shy and kind of awkward sometimes. Kind of cute that way though! Christmas was right around the corner and I had bought him a special present. How to give it to him in a romantic setting?

I Came up with a wonderful plan! My parents always went to church on Christmas eve. This left me time to prepare a special meal and spend the evening with him. What to prepare? Spaghetti and my Dad's favorite pudding cake would work great!

That day I spent cooking my spaghetti sauce from scratch. Making the spaghetti noodles from scratch. Using my Mom's KitchenAid mixer with her pasta maker attachment on it, to shape the noodles. My chocolate pudding cake was in the oven baking. It was a beautiful ooy-gooey delicious looking masterpiece. The homemade garlic bread was coming a long well too.

My noodles stuck together in doughy clumps. The sauce got a little to thick. The cake came out perfect though. The garlic bread too was awesome!

A Christmas Memory Setting Can Be So Fun!

My handsome date arrived late! Imagine that! Oakleaf time, even back then!! The date went well even with the mistakes! He loved it all and ate it all. He still tells everybody about my meal that I made him.

A Christmas memory setting was made that night. It carried over to the next Christmas when we were getting our new home ready to move in to after our wedding in March. We had an oven and a microwave, but no kitchen table. I brought a card table and two chairs over. We decided on lasagna, because I could put it together at home and bring it to cook at the house. The cake was baked the night before and warmed at our house. Christmas eve was a day of sanding plaster and working on rewiring the old house. Our supper was wonderful that evening in our new home!

a Christmas memory setting

For the last 32 years we have had lasagna on Christmas eve. Our family goes to the candlelight service at church. Everybody comes home to a Christmas memory that has lasted a life time. This year is no exception. Only we are making lasagna noodles with my KitchenAid mixer. Jess brought her pasta maker attachment to roll them out with! The sauce will cook this weekend. Breadsticks and the cake are the last things to make on Christmas eve.

Share your Christmas traditions in the comments below so I can learn about yours!

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Stay enriched in the seasons of your life!

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