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sweets to eat Dec 06, 2018

I love a blast from the past, do you? Have you ever been doing something and a picture or an object appeared from the past. That object brought back a flood of memories?

A blast from the past happened to me a few years ago when we were serving food to the neighbors that had lost everything in a tornado. We were working out of the basement of a neighborhood church. When I heard an all to familiar voice come through the door. It was my childhood neighbor's daughter! I hadn't seen her in years.

Talk about a blast from the past! My old neighbor, that lived down the road from my parents, was an old farm wife. She would call my Mom up and have her send me down in the morning sometimes. We would dig dandelions or cut squash blossoms. Then cook them for lunch.

I spent hours at her house learning how to paint ceramics and helping with the garden and yard. She left me waitress for her quilting and woman's meetings. Doing her do dishes was among my chores too. We would get off the school bus at her house, when my parents were not home.

A Blast From The Past For Sure!

She would always bring us the best treats. Sometimes she would call up and have Mom send us down to get them. We used to love her corn flake wreaths and trees. My favorite treat was her Christmas cookies.

They were a soft sugar cookie with a powdered sugar glaze. The dough is a little thicker than pancake batter. She would pour it in a baking sheet with sides. Then let us sprinkle colored sugar, red hots, or any other toppings she had. We used to love using those silver balls that they used to make.

The silver balls that they later warned us not to eat because they had Mercury in them! OOPS! Guess I should be dead!

When she removed them from the oven she would cut them with the spatula into six cookies. Yum, six big cookies! Such a wonderful way to make Christmas cookies.

That was a memory I had almost forgotten. Until her daughter walked into that fellowship hall to help cook! We reminisced as we cooked about her Mom and the neighborhood. I asked her for the cookie recipe so that I could share a blast from the past with my family.

A suggestion though when you make this recipe. Use real buttermilk instead of using milk and vinegar. The cookies come out so soft and tasty. They are good with the milk and vinegar but if you have the buttermilk use it!

a blast from the past

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