Be In The Know

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This is a place that you can ask questions and get answers from other members just like you!

We will have a Zoom meeting every month. This way we can talk face to face about your questions and find out what you need . 

I will give you a free recipe, cooking hints and an up date on whats going on on the crazy farm!

Plus you will be the first to get access to all of my new offers and courses as they come out!


In my full on line courses you will learn how to cook for a crowd. 

Make a full meal for your family from appetizers to desserts. 


Do you need help in the kitchen or be enriched in the seasons of your life? If you are going into a new season of life and just don't know how it is going to go.  Learning to cook for the first time? Maybe you got married or moved out on your own.

The Be In The Know Tribe is for you. It is a close knit, private community that is there for you. Those questions that you don't want to ask your friends and family, you can get them answered here. There is no judgement only conversation and suggestions.

We will meet once a month on a live video call. Come in your pjs we don't care. Get on the call even if the family is there. I know that mine may be there. Ask your questions live there or ask them ahead in the comments. Then we will discuss them at the meeting.We can discuss the monthly recipe that was posted in the tribe. You may have questions about it.

I know that I really learn a lot about all of the tribe members. I hope you learn a lot about me.


My name is Lisa Oakleaf and I am a stay at home Memaw. I take pride in teaching you everything I know and have learned in the 41 years I have been cooking. I have been asked for years to share my recipes and ideas. I want you to be enriched in the seasons of your life.


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